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  Ion for Oracle. Enterprisse Edition.

Ion Enterprise Edition

Ion Oracle Features Summary

The below list shows you a list of available features supported by Ion. Note that this list contains only the key software features. More detailed information about all the software features and abilities is available in the documentation delivered with the software product.

- feature supported 






AWR Oracle10g

AWR Oracle11g




Provides proactive trend visualization and forecasting

Spot hidden trends quickly and easily without poring over pages of data

Visualize hourly and daily changes on any metric

Analyze overall trends, deltas, and forecasts with the click of a button

No database installation required, client runs on nearly any OS

Generate charts and discover trends

Specialized historical reports on proven areas of concern including full table scans, hard parses, CPU usage, physical disk usage, and more

SQL discovery support to find objects and queries of concern

Expert advice - find out what those complex reports really mean to you

Easy to use GUI interface - less frills, more function

Ability to save charts to your local computer.

Ability to print reports and charts

Ion Oracle Features Breakdown

Ion Oracle is a revolutionary new performance tuning tool, featuring state of the art analysis of your Oracle database. With Ion Oracle, you will be able to get a unique view of the performance signature of your Oracle system. Never again wonder what your bottlenecks are, where the problem lies, or why performance is just bad. Ion Oracle is formed of three integral parts:

  • Ion Expert - Analyzes wait events, I/O, parameters, and more to deliver advice tailored to your system
  • Ion Metrics - Allows you to plot any metric, viewing the data over time, averaged by hour of day or day of week, and even with trendlines and forecasting!
  • Ion Scripts - Decades of experience and knowledge right at your fingertips! Ion Scripts give you over a hundred useful scripts in graphical and text forms, to help you analyze your system.

Upcoming Features in ION V3

These are some of the future enhancements you can expect from the ION project, already in the works!

Ion v3 will include data mining features that submit background tasks to identify salient workloads.  Starting with general cohorts (OLTP and DSS), Ion v3 will perform pattern matching to categorize each workload period as OLTP and DSS

1 - Searches AWR/STATSPACK for repeating changes to workloads

      a) For HOD - Analyze by hour of the day to find patterns of similar usage by:

              1) Display max(physical reads)  

             2) Transaction characteristics (high repeated executions, low I/O for OLTP) 

      b) For DOW - Analyze cohorts for day of the week

 2 - Recommend - Ion v3 will then justify the answer with data and make suggestions about what/when to change in terms of initialization parameters or changes to CBO statistics. 

- feature coming soon 


ION Enabled

Drill down to core components on nearly any metric - parameter capable intelligent scripts

Real-time tuning and monitoring - Including ASH and v$ views

Customizable Healthcheck reports - Build your own statistics report your way

ADDM Interface for 10g and 11g

Wait Events Interface for detailed wait monitoring at the session and system level

Historical and real-time wait monitoring

Hot Block monitor

Expanded latch and lock monitoring

Current and historical object details on tables, indexes, materialized views, and more

Custom Dashboards for regular monitoring

Object and database growth tracking

More scripts!

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